London. Barclays Capital today announced that its Barclays Natural Resource Investments (BNRI) team is backing a predominantly Peru-focused mining management team in a start-up company, Southern Peaks Mining ltd (Spm).
The team is led by Adolfo F. Vera, President & CEO (formerly CFO for Volcan Compañía Minera S.A.A. and Silver Eagle Mines, inc.) Who has extensive management experience in the Peruvian mining sector. Mr. Vera has established a track record of successful operational overhaul and aggressive improvements in profits and revenues in various base and precious metals operations.
SPM’s business focus will be to acquire operating or close-to-operating small- to medium-sized base and precious metals assets initially in Peru and later potentially elsewhere in Latin America.
The team plans to leverage its prior experience and sound business practices to build a business via consolidation of a somewhat fragmented sector.
“It is a great honor to partner with a group like BNRI, which along with solid financial resources, makes available to SPM an unparalleled team of professionals,”  said Adolfo F. Vera, CEO, SPM.
“We look forward to executing our business plan and creating value for SPM and our partner BNRI.”
“We are very excited to be backing SPM’s team in the execution of what we believe is a unique and profitable business plan in the mining arena,” said David Ellis, Director, BNRI. “We believe that the team’s skills, knowledge and talent will lead to success in  Implementing this plan.”
Source: BNRI Backs Peru Focused Mining Management Team.

May 12, 2010