Principles and Values

Our Business Values
We believe that in order to achieve superior long-term return for our shareholders, we must uphold the highest ethical standards. We aim at gaining a leading position in society by promoting an efficient and responsible development of the economy.
Our Environmental Values
We respect the environment and believe that excellence in environmental performance is vital for the success of our business. We will minimize our environmental impacts and seek continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
Our Community Values
We want the communities and societies surrounding our operations to benefit from our presence for the present and future wellbeing of their people. We will partner with the societies in which we operate with the objective of contributing to their sustainable development.
Our Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Values
We place people first and, accordingly, we put the highest priority on safe and healthy practices and systems at work, to prevent injuries and occupational illness. Our objective is zero workplace injuries and occupational illness. We believe that good safety and health management contribute to enhance our corporate foundations.