Compañía Minera Condestable (CMC) presented Excellence Award for Best Occupational Risk Management 2020


Lima, July 14th, 2021.- It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that Compañía Minera Condestable has been presented the Excellence Award for Best Occupational Risk Management 2020 (“Premio Excelencia a la Mejor Gestión Integral de Riesgos Laborales 2020”) given out by RIMAC Seguros, one of the most recognized insurance companies in Peru.

Year after year, RIMAC has recognized organizations committed to the health and safety of their workers and that have optimal accident prevention and occupational health management scores.

This award is given to companies committed to the health and safety of their employees, who have implemented an optimal risk management system, and who have been able to prevent and manage accidents and occupational hazards in the workplace. Furthermore, the award alleges the company´s commitment to high standards in health and safety since winners did not have any fatal or totally disabling accidents during the year 2020 and had a low Complimentary Insurance for High-risk Workers (“Seguro Complimentario de Trabajo de Riesgo – SCTR”) ratio.

In this way, this award recognizes the entire team at Compañía Minera Condestable for their outstanding work in favor of prevention, occupational health, occupational risk management and high occupational health and safety standards throughout the year. It is worth mentioning that this important award is presented to Compañía Minera Condestable for its performance in a year when the COVID-19 pandemic wreak havoc in the world. Southern Peaks Mining group stance vis-à-vis this pandemic has been one where we have strived to preserve the health of our workers as our most valuable commodity.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony was held virtually this year and took place on July 12th, 2021.